Who are CD Precision Engineering?

At Condamine Drilling Group we aim to constantly improve the level and quality of service we offer to our clients. We do this by carefully selecting our staff and constantly upgrading our equipment and systems.

Our engineering works are working towards becoming known for creativity and innovation. Our strength is that we are a totally independent company which ensures we have total control over the quality of our product.

What we do best is communicate. By talking to our customers and really listening to what they want we can design and deliver a quality product that will suit their needs exactly.

We are constantly working to improve our knowledge and services and aim to provide a complete engineered solution to any problem, no matter how difficult.

We pride ourselves on the fact we take on the difficult jobs other companies won’t and can reverse engineer a solution or take your idea from the drawing board to reality be it a one-off unique adaption or a full-scale production run.