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Since 1968, Condamine Drilling has been constructing irrigation and domestic water bores for primary producers in Queensland and New South Wales. The firm’s expansion into the provision, repair and installation of line-shaft driven, submersible and solar pump sets, and more recently lateral and pivot irrigators, completes the suite of water delivery services from underground to crop application.

Our purpose built pump rigs and expert on site crews are experienced and proficient in the rehabilitation and repair of water bores. We can chemically treat bacterial infestations to restore yield and reline and repair corroded bores in many cases.

​With the evolution of an extensive and comprehensive machine shop and a team of talented and experienced operators we have the capability to design and manufacture complete and diverse engineering solutions for individuals and industry. We have an impressive range of machinery including lathes, a machining centre, drill presses, milling machines and recently a large capacity horizontal borer has been installed.

We are equipped to supply the drilling industry with threaded and slotted PVC, stainless steel or steel casing up to DN350.

Our water jet cutter can cut fine details in stone, glass, plastic and metals or profile cut steel sections up to 150mm thick with crisp precision.

Skilled and experienced staff and management are committed to the development and implementation of sound work practices and ethics at Condamine Drilling Group. Our company enjoys an extensive and loyal customer base which we never take for granted. Customer satisfaction, excellent quality workmanship and providing good value have always been our priority.

We understand our people are our strength and we cultivate a safe and congenial environment for our valued staff. We strive to make working at Condamine Drilling a pleasure.

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