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From modest beginnings fifty years ago as a support for in-house equipment and pump services, our machine shop and engineering capabilities have diversified and grown with demand.

Condamine Drilling Group now enjoys a comprehensively equipped workshop with a specialist team of tradesmen and design engineers. Our people are experts in all aspects of machining, jobbing, fabrication and manufacture. We have a range of manual and CNC lathes as well as specialist equipment including a pipe slotter, a 4 axis CNC machining centre, an automated pump column-breaker, drill presses, milling machines and saws. We have recently added a large bed horizontal CNC borer to our suite of machines. 

CD Engineering’s turning capabilities accommodate one-off jobs through to full production batching. The largest machine has a 16 inch spindle with a four metre bed and allows us to turn up to a metre diameter. 

Our fully qualified boilermakers work in a welding bay furnished with MMA MIG TIG and gas welding equipment to cover all applications.

In our efforts to cultivate a one-stop engineering facility we have established a profiling hub housing a large bed water jet cutter. This machine uses pressurized water mixed with fine garnet particles which are concentrated into a fine jet to cut through steel sections up to 150mm thick.  Its cutting capacity is not limited by material – it can accurately cut titanium, plastics, leather, ceramic tiles, carpet and wood.

At Condamine Drilling we value our reputation for exceptional quality workmanship and timely delivery with clients both at home and internationally. Our commitment to sustaining and promoting this culture ensures our busy workshop is constantly upgraded and scrutinised for improvement opportunities.

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